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Public Awareness Campaigns

Animal welfare organisations, law enforcement agencies and policymakers are united in their abhorrence of puppy farming and the criminal activity that leads to the exploitation and poor welfare of dogs and puppies.

However, public awareness of the scale of puppy farming remains shockingly low.

As a result, animal welfare organisations and policymakers are developing effective public awareness campaigns to help increase public understanding and eradicate puppy farming.

In parallel with our work lobbying for legislative change regarding the breeding and selling of puppies, Naturewatch Foundation also seeks to raise public awareness through targeted campaigns:

  • #Vets4Puppies – a campaign developed for display in veterinary practices and via their online channels.
  • #P4Puppies – posters in the restrooms of motorway service stations during peak periods of travel.
  • #Hotline4Puppies –a confidential hotline for reporting suspicions of puppy farming and illegal dog breeding to our animal crime investigations team.


Other resources

LEAFLET: ‘Don’t be a victim of puppy farmers’

In addition to our targeted campaigns, we also encourage supporters to raise awareness by ordering our free leaflet to pass on to family and friends, or to distribute at suitable events.

To order copies of our leaflet, ‘Don’t be a victim of puppy farmers’, please email or call us on 01242 252871.

DOG BANDANA: ‘Say no to puppy farming’

Your pup can raise awareness for dogs imprisoned on puppy farms with our eye-catching dog bandana.

It’s available in two sizes and just slides onto the collar.

Profits from sales of the bandana will help fund our animal welfare work.

Visit our online shop.

Say no to puppy farming dog bandana