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Puppy Farming is the process by which puppies are bred on a mass basis for commercial gain, with little or no regard for their wellbeing. Help us to end puppy farming »

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Motorway services public awareness campaign

Puppy farmers sometimes suggest neutral ‘convenient’ locations such as car parks to pick up a puppy – that way, a buyer does not get to see the awful circumstances of the puppy's birth.

Be wary that a change in meeting place can be suggested late in the purchase process.

To clamp down on this duplicity, we have launched a public awareness poster, #p4puppies, displayed in the toilets of motorway services.

The poster campaign is deployed at peak travel periods of the year in specifically chosen locations.

Look out for our poster as you travel around the UK!


  Clacket Lane East services

  Clacket Lane West services

  South Mimms services

  Cobham services