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Puppy Farming Covert Investigations

Do you suspect someone is involved in illegal puppy farming or breaching animal welfare standards in the breeding of dogs?

If so, please contact, in confidence, our Animal Crime Manager, Andy Swinburne:

Complete the Animal Crime Reporting form found here and email it to, or telephone  07392 185 373.

What do we do with your information?

  1. When you contact our Animal Crime Manager about someone you suspect is involved in cruel puppy farming, strict confidentiality protocols and our high-security email system ensure your identity is safe, and any perceived risks are managed. Your privacy is paramount. 

  2. Your information will be assessed by our Animal Crime Manager and, where it is not viable to investigate, it may be used as part of our generic puppy farming campaign.

  3. Our Covert Investigation Officer, whose identity is confidential for security reasons, investigates your information to uncover any additional evidence. They then send what they've uncovered to our Animal Crime Manager, who formulates the findings into information packs using a police-friendly format.

  4. Law enforcement agencies then use the information to initiate further investigations, gather intelligence, or take enforcement action, which is the outcome we’re aiming for.

In 2018, Naturewatch Foundation started covert investigations into illegal badger persecution, passing high-quality information packs to law enforcement agencies. The agencies have used the information to initiate further investigations, gather intelligence, and take enforcement action. Naturewatch Foundation investigators not only uncovered information on badger baiting, snaring, poisoning and sett interference, but also other forms of serious crime, including illegal firearms, possession and sale of drugs, dog fighting and fox hunting. They also exposed the sale of puppies abroad to be trained for badger baiting.  As a result of this success, in 2019, the charity decided to extend their resources into reporting illegal puppy farming in the UK, supported by similar covert investigations.

Due to ongoing investigations, we’re unable to expand upon cases.

None of this potentially life-saving information would have been uncovered had it not been for people coming forward with crucial leads.  If you know anything at all, however small, please contact our Animal Crime Manager.

Thank you for your support.

We have the means and expertise to investigate your leads; we just need you to be our eyes and ears. #Hotline4Puppies

Photograph copyright: CARIAD