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You can help end cruel puppy farming today

Take Action to End Cruel Puppy Peddling

Despite all warnings, puppy farmers and some dog breeders are still trying to profiteer! Adverts are still being placed on well-known websites selling puppies! This must be stopped during the pandemic. Email them now! 

Do you suspect someone is involved in illegal puppy farming or breaching animal welfare standards in the breeding of dogs? If so, please contact, in confidence, our investigations team - / 07392 185 373

Share Harry’s story or Pippy's story! Find out about their journey from a puppy farm to a loving home. If you have bought, adopted or fostered a dog with links to puppy farming, we'd love to know how they're doing! Please contact us by letter or email if you would be happy to share their story. We are contacting vets across the country with our vets4Puppies campaign pack. Veterinary practices can call us on 01242 252872 or email to order a pack. As each pack cost us approximately £5.00 to print and send we endeavour to follow up with vets after they have been displayed and always welcome suggestions for improvements.

Our work is far from over. The ban on third-party sales shows that we’re getting there. However, there’s still a long way to go… and we’ll get there much quicker with your help!


Promote ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ - Right now, there are thousands of dogs in the United Kingdom waiting for their forever homes. Keep an ear open for friends or family considering buying a puppy, including as a gift. Encourage them to consider adopting a rescue dog instead. is just one example of a lifeline given to homeless dogs offering hope of a loving and caring future.   Other useful links:  Support Adoption for Pets and Many Tears Animal Rescue