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The Great British Puppy Survey Findings 2016

Naturewatch Foundation, together with Pupaid, C.A.R.I.A.D., Canine Action UK, Hidden-in-Sight and The Karlton Index form the coalition of anti-puppy farm campaigners who conducted an extensive survey in 2015 on British puppy buying behaviours. The findings were launched on 23rd May 2016 at Westminster.

This ground-breaking and detailed survey asked people in the UK, who have purchased a puppy in the last five years, for their views and information on their puppy buying experiences.  The survey results provide unique evidence of puppy buying and selling behavior which will be used to inform our future campaigns towards achieving the goal of shutting down puppy farms and blocking the trade in defenceless dogs.

An astonishing 4303 people submitted answers with over 3600 completing every question.

The key findings of the survey are:

•    One in five said they experienced either a welfare or a health issue shortly after getting their pup home.
•    45% found their puppy through one of the online classified sites.
•    77% paid cash for their puppy, making this an economy bucking the trend for electronic payments.
•    Just over 80% said they bought directly from the breeder.
•    Fewer than half of the respondents said they were asked to sign a contract.
•    17% said they did not go to visit their puppy before buying it.
•    70% of the respondents had chosen a pedigree puppy.
•    One in six buyers did NOT see their puppy with its mother.
•    80% said they had owned dogs before.

READ/DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT: ‘The Great British Puppy Survey Findings 2016’