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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you.  Please help us continue our work improving animal health and welfare in Ukraine by making a donation today.

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Naturewatch Foundation supporters have been funding a Spay/Neuter/Vaccinate Clinic in Kharkov, Ukraine, since 2013 for the benefit of pets belonging to citizens on a low income and community dogs.  Find out more


Stray animal welfare

For the past 20 years, Naturewatch Foundation has been actively running projects in Ukraine, working with animal protection NGOs and municipalities to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE).

Our aims are:

•    To reduce stray dog populations humanely and sustainably.
•    To provide training seminars and practical workshops to educate local governments on how to humanely and sustainably manage stray dog populations.
•    To raise animal welfare standards in animal shelters.
•    To promote the adoption of stray dogs.
•    To promote the benefits of pet sterilisation and responsible pet ownership.

We are currently funding a spay/neuter clinic in Kharkov, which offers free surgery to low-income dog owners and carers of community dogs.  By reducing the source of unwanted puppies and pregnant bitches that are all too often abandoned and left to become strays, this project will help both the animals and citizens of Kharkov.

Our Humane Education programme is going from strength to strength, especially now that we have launched our online training facility that is set to contribute enormously to solving the stray animal problem for the long term.  Our programme provides comprehensive assistance and tuition on how to integrate animal welfare and ethics into the Ukrainian school curriculum.

In Lutsk and Melitopol, we continue to advise animal protection NGOs and the local municipalities on their stray animal management programmes, helping them reduce stray animal populations humanely and sustainably.

Our commitment to Ukraine’s animals continues through the terrible political crisis.  We hold our promise to stand by the animals even in the most difficult times. Through our work, there is always room for hope!