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Brody Region

The city of Brody is committed to humanely addressing the issue of stray dogs throughout the region. A municipal shelter and rehoming programme have already been set up and, with the help and support of the members of ‘Step’, a local SPA, the animals are being cared for and rehomed.

The next natural step to help the local authority and ‘Step’ SPA develop their animal protection activities in the district is to integrate the humane treatment of animals into the educational process.

Naturewatch Foundation is very pleased to be partnering with the Brody District Department of Education in educating the region’s younger generation to respect animals as sentient beings, to treat them compassionately and care for them responsibly.

This initiative will support and form an integral part of the humane stray control programme being conducted by the Municipality of Brody and its partner NGO, ‘Step’.

At the invitation of the Brody District Education Department, our first seminar for 2017 was held on the 21st February for professionals involved in the education of the region’s primary school children. Find out more about the seminar… 

Following the seminar in February, we are delighted to report that the Brody region is keen to incorporate humane education into the curriculums of all schools throughout the region.

We are working with Nadiya Shushkevich, who represents the Brody District Educational Department and has been given the responsibility of co-oordinating our work in the district.

On 26th April, we conducted a successful lecture at the Brody Teacher Training College for students who will become primary school teachers –some of whom are volunteers of ‘Step’ the local animal welfare NGO.  

After the lecture, Sasha Bogyachyk, Naturewatch Foundation representative, met with a group of college teachers who had expressed interest in helping to develop our programme further. We will be exploring a series of options in this area. View images of the lecture

During the summer of 2017, our secondary school programme will be revised and republished in preparation for our next seminar to be held in the autumn for secondary school teachers.

Pushing forward with the scheme for secondary schools results in an immediate, positive effect on the city’s stray animal population as many children of this age are already responsible for animals. Older children are also more likely to be able to influence their parents into becoming responsible pet owners and encourage them to treat animals compassionately thereby helping to reduce animal cruelty.

Obviously, educating preschool and primary school children is also essential and we plan to introduce this programme in parallel, but it takes more time to have an effect of course due to the age of the children.

The programme will be piloted in Brody schools at all three levels and then once it’s been approved by the Education Department, we will seek its expansion to all schools within the region.

Eventually, we would like to see the Municipality make a formal request to the Education Department asking them to officially incorporate our humane education programme into the curriculum of pre-school, primary and secondary schools throughout the region.