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Brody Seminar February 2017

The seminar held in co-operation with the Brody District Education Department was attended by 56 delegates involved in the education of the region’s primary school children including teachers, teacher trainers, volunteers from ‘Step’ SPA, local authority representatives, NGO ‘Nashe Misto’, Kormotech Company (sponsor), and a priest from the Greek Catholic Church who manages ecological projects.

The event was prepared and managed by Oleksandr Bogachyk, Naturewatch Foundation representative, who presented the theoretical and practical aspects of including our programme in the education process. Nadiya Shushkevich, who co-ordinates our work in the region, spoke about the collaboration between the Brody District Department of Education and Naturewatch Foundation.

Taras Dzjoba, priest, covered the fundamental moral attitudes of humans to animals, and ‘Step’ SPA expressed its support for our programme and its willingness to be involved. The Kormotech Company kindly sponsored catering for the seminar and generously agreed to help provide some food for animals at the shelter.

It was most rewarding to hear the very positive feedback given by all the delegates who left the seminar with a Teachers Pack, material for use in the classroom and an attendance certificate issued by the Brody District Education Department.

Following the Seminar in Brody, ‘Step’ SPA was invited to give a talk about its work to children at one of the local schools.

We are delighted that 'Step' is keen to develop its animal protection activities in the region by helping to educate the younger generation.

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