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Lviv Region

Following on from our earlier educational work in the city of Lviv , we held a seminar on 11th April 2016 to facilitate the building of our educational programme in this region.

The event was attended by key figures from Lviv’s Department of Education, Biology teachers, Representatives of the Lviv Regional Post Graduate Teacher Training Institute, Heads of Lviv District’s Methodical and Pedagogical Councils, City Scientific and Methodical Centre Representatives, Kormotech Representative, and the manager of the Lviv Animal Shelter.

It was held as a partnership project between Naturewatch Foundation, Lviv Regional Post Graduate Teacher Training Institute, local Dept. of Education, Lviv Animal Shelter (LKP ‘Lev’) and Kormotech (pet food manufacturer agreed to fund the printing of worksheets for the children).


In 2015 Naturewatch Foundation organised and conducted an official stray dog population survey.  Based on the resulting data, a report was written and a programme put together to humanely address the city’s stray dog population.  Oleg Matsekh, Director of the Lviv Animal shelter (LKP ‘Lev’), is in the process of reforming the city’s animal welfare system based upon the programme provided by Naturewatch Foundation.

Primary school education programme

As you may be aware, if you have read about our earlier educational work in Lviv, our primary school education programme has already been incorporated into the city’s Primary School Curriculum.  The team of teachers we’ve been working with in Lviv are very experienced and, via cascade training, have passed their knowledge down to more teachers.  Oleg is keen to take the city’s educational programme to the next level and make it more effective by extending it to include lessons for older children.  This seminar was held to officially express our support for this project and formed Phase 1 of our ongoing programme.

Prior to the event, we adapted and printed our seminar and teacher training materials to make them suitable for children in grades 6 and 7 (aged 11 to 13). This included our Teacher Training Packs and text books for children.  The children will attend three obligatory lessons per year – two of them will be conducted in school and the third at the city’s animal shelter where they will be able to find out how and why the animals end up there etc.  The children will also learn about the benefits of microchipping, spaying/neutering, how to avoid losing their pets, what to do if they lose their cat or dog, or if they want to adopt a pet.

Phase 1 - One-day Seminar for 20 secondary school teachers who work with pupils in grades 6 and 7 to include: presentation of education material and lesson examples, a visit to the city’s animal shelter to survey its work, discussion and feedback. During the seminar, some of the teachers we’ve been working with made presentations about their own experiences using our programme in the classroom.

Phase 2 – Will cover a 4-month period during which time the 20 teachers will use our educational materials in their classrooms.  They will prepare lessons and report back to the Lviv Regional Post Graduate Teacher Training Institute. During this time the teachers will be assessed on their understanding of the material being used. At the end of this period, the recommendations made by the teachers will be incorporated into the education programme and then it will be presented to the Ministry of Education for official approval.  

Phase 3 – Will be a round table meeting to make a final analysis of the programme in order to gain official approval for its use in secondary schools by the Ministry of Education.  Future strategy to continue building the programme will also be discussed.