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Mikolaiv Region

In September 2014, Naturewatch Foundation held a Teacher Training Conference in the Mikolaiv Region which was supported by key people from the Ministry of Education.  The event was a huge success and resulted in our education programme being incorporated into the Primary School Curriculum throughout the Mikolaiv region. 

Our aim is to see school children throughout Ukraine learning about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

On 23rd June, 2016, at the invitation of the Mikolaiv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training, we held a second seminar in the region in the city of Koblevo.  This time, the focus was children of preschool age.  The event was attended by 23 teacher trainers and teachers of preschool children from throughout the region.  It was organised and conducted by our representative, Oleksandr Bogachyk, with the support of Olena Melnichenko PhD.

The teachers listened to presentations about the relationship of humans and animals and the importance of, and reasons for, educating the younger generation to respect and care for animals.  They were made aware of the history of the introduction of Humane Education in Ukraine, introduced to our Teachers Pack and presented with examples of lessons.  Olena Melnichenko covered the practical aspects of incorporating HE elements into the preschool education process. 

The aim of the seminar was to assist them to work closely with teachers to support them and motivate them to include animal welfare within their day-to-day lesson plans.

The teachers also took part in discussions about the programme, the numerous possibilities for including it in lessons, and our vision to see it introduced throughout the country.  Each teacher was presented with our Teachers Educational Kit, "Animals - our friends”, which consists of three books.  

Prior to the seminar, the supporting teachers booklet was adapted to make our Primary School Teachers Pack suitable for preschool education. We are delighted with the outcome of the seminar which has resulted in the Institute committing to incorporate animal welfare into the region’s preschool education curriculum.  We have agreed to provide ongoing support to the Institute and assist them to work closely with teachers who will be introducing our programme from August this year (2016).  

We express our sincere gratitude to Tetyana Varenuk, head of Preschool Education at the Institute, for making this seminar possible and for the warm welcome and wonderful atmosphere.

With your wonderful support, we are continuing to make excellent headway towards our goal of reaching all schools throughout Ukraine.

Please make a donation today to help expand our Education Programme by holding further Teacher Training Workshops in other regions of Ukraine (as requested by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education).

A great deal of work is waiting to be done and I am ready and willing to lead the way, but we need your assistance to make it possible. 

On behalf of Ukraine’s animals, I sincerely thank you for your support so far.

Alexander Bogachyk
Naturewatch Foundation Representative in Ukraine