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Helping stray animals in Melitopol

After hearing about our success helping street dogs in the Ukrainian cities of Kharkov and Lutsk, Melitopol Municipality appealed for our help as their streets are overrun with stray dogs stretching multiple generations. 

It is common practice across Ukraine for dogs to roam and breed freely – these include both family pets and guard dogs owned by businesses.

  • When a litter of puppies inevitably arrive owners often kill them, sometimes in the most horrific of ways.
  • Other puppies are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets.
  • Old, pregnant, sick and injured dogs are also often dumped as owners and businesses want to avoid paying vet fees.

The Mayor of Melitopol, Mr Sergiy Minko, is appalled by this ill-treatment of dogs, which is why he has requested our assistance to help the stray population, and raise public awareness of responsible pet ownership.

In April 2017 we signed a Co-operation Agreement with the Mayor and provided essential training to help the city develop their humane and sustainable stray animal management programme.  

We also guided them on constructing a shelter and veterinary practice, which are to be converted from a large, derelict building.  There's a lot of work to be done, but thanks to our recommendations, construction is already underway. 

Two animal protection non-governmental organisations (NGO) in Melitopol have been identified by the Mayor to deliver the programme. Our role is to work with these NGOs to ensure the programme complies with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE) stray dog control guidelines.

Here are links to the press coverage for our visit to Melitopol:

In 2014, we launched a similar project in Lutsk. Thanks to your generous donations, we delivered a number of training seminars and purchased a huge range of life-saving veterinary equipment, medicines, humane catching equipment and a walk-in freezer to keep food fresh.  We even helped purchase a nearly-new rescue vehicle.  Since then, the stray population has almost halved, and Dana and her wonderful team at the Laska shelter are now able to efficiently rescue, treat, neuter and rehome animals that would have otherwise suffered on the streets. 

You can help us achieve the same success for the street dogs in Melitopol!

Our strategy is very much the same as it was in Lutsk – deliver vital training, raise public awareness about responsible pet ownership and purchase life-saving veterinary equipment.  


Please donate whatever you can afford to this exciting and very worthy programme – even the smallest of donations will help enormously. For example your gift could help buy medical scissors for £3.50 or surgical needles for £7.60 – believe me, it all helps!