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Strategy to help dogs in Melitopol

TRAINING: We have already provided training on the construction of a shelter and veterinary clinic, and how to develop a humane stray animal management programme.  The next phase is to train the staff ready for launch of the programme and opening of the shelter later this year. 

1. We will fine tune their Standard Operating Procedures and provide training to ensure all staff understand the procedures and policies of the stray animal management programme and know their responsibilities at the shelter and veterinary clinic.  For example:

  • How to humanely and safely catch, handle and transport dogs, including fearful and aggressive dogs.
  • Disease control at the shelter - how to clean and disinfect enclosures with minimal disturbance to the dogs.
  • Quarantine area protocols to eliminate the spread of disease and ensure the safety of new dogs to the shelter.
  • Dog kennelling, walking, feeding and veterinary treatment protocols.
  • Procedures involved in the catch, neuter and release of dogs under a guardian scheme.
  • Dog rehoming procedures.

2. To address the source of the stray dog problem, we will advise on setting up a spay/neuter service for pet dogs. 

3. We will also provide further training to teachers in Melitopol on the integration of Humane Education into the school curriculum to teach young people to respect animals as sentient beings and how to be a responsible owner.  By addressing the root of the problem the city will safeguard the sustainability of its programme to reduce stray animal populations for the long-term.

PURCHASING VETERINARY EQUIPMENT: Although the municipality has committed funds to construct the shelter and veterinary clinic, there is no additional budget to purchase equipment. 

The NGOs need to raise at least £3981.19 to purchase basic equipment for the veterinary clinic. With your help, we want to make a contribution towards this so the shelter does not have to rely on expensive, independent vets to diagnose and treat the animals for too long.

We are at the very beginning of this golden opportunity to help Ukraine's most vulnerable street dogs. Starting at ground level, we will literally build a place for them to be safe, protected, and find the loving homes they deserve.


This is the first time street dogs in Melitopol have received support from the municipality so it’s vital we do all we can to prove our humane methods work – the dogs need your help more than ever!