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Helping stray animals in Lutsk

For many years, Naturewatch Foundation has been assisting the Lutsk Municipality with their stray animal management programme to ensure it is humane and sustainable. 

The management of the Lutsk Municipality Shelter is in the process of setting up cameras within the shelter and veterinary clinic that the public will be able to access anytime online.  Plus high-tech software is also being installed that digitally traces animals from the moment they are caught or brought to the shelter, to when they leave.  The software has been designed by two Ukrainian animal lovers who have dedicated their lives to improve animal welfare and reunite lost animals with their owners and is currently used in 15 countries worldwide.

As well advising on stray animal management and handling, we have also transformed the veterinary clinic at the Lutsk Municipality Shelter. 

This extensive list of state-of-the-art equipment that your generous donations have helped to purchase means homeless animals are being well cared for and treated at the Lutsk municipal shelter.

  • An operating table that is portable and fully adjustable
  • Autoclave to sterilise instruments before surgery
  • Adjustable LED surgery lamp to aid vision during operations
  • Bacterial lamp to assist with identifying bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections
  • Electric scales to ensure correct dosage is administered to animals
  • Drip/infusion stand to assist with administering fluids during surgical procedures
  • Electric coagulator to make precise incisions during surgery with limited blood loss
  • Needle holder to assist with the stitching up of wounds
  • Forceps for compressing the end of an artery during surgery
  • Medicine cupboard that is secure and accessible only by the veterinarian
  • Portable utility table with drawers to keep instruments clean, organised and easily accessible
  • Rolls of dissolvable stitching material
  • Endoscope to diagnose digestive tract conditions
  • Otoscope to diagnose ear conditions
  • Ophthalmoscope to diagnose eye conditions
  • Microscope
  • Diagnostic lamp
  • New cages for the animal ambulance as the ones they were using were homemade
  • Catching equipment that is humane, causing minimal anxiety to the animals
  • Commercial walk-in freezer

We know and you know who you are – on behalf of everyone at Naturewatch Foundation and our colleagues in Ukraine, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU!!