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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you.  Please help us continue our work improving animal health and welfare in Ukraine by making a donation today.

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What you helped provide for the Laska rescue shelter in 2014

Thanks to the wonderful response from supporters like you, in December 2014 we were able to help the city’s abandoned animals by providing the Laska rescue shelter with the following equipment:

  • Autoclave to sterilise instruments before surgery.
  • Operating table that is portable and fully adjustable.
  • Adjustable LED surgery lamp to aid vision during operations.
  • Bacterial lamp to assist with identifying bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections.
  • Electric scales to ensure correct dosage is administered to animals.
  • Drip/infusion stand to assist with administering fluids during surgical procedures.
  • Electric coagulator to make precise incisions during surgery with limited blood loss.
  • Needle holder to assist with the stitching up of wounds.
  • Forceps for compressing the end of an artery during surgery.
  • Medicine cupboard that is secure and accessible only by the veterinarian.
  • Portable utility table with drawers to keep instruments clean, organised and easily accessible.
  • Rolls of dissolvable stitching material.
  • A large supply of medicines for emergency surgeries and spaying/neutering.
  • Catching equipment that is humane, causing minimal anxiety to the animals.
  • Plus, in addition to the above list, and with the help of Dogs Trust International, we have also provided an animal rescue vehicle

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