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Ukraine – Stop Animal Abuse

We’ve teamed up with Hidden-in-Sight to bring professional training to Ukrainian Police on how to fight animal abuse and why it’s important.

Allegations of animals being poisoned, hung, beaten, shot and dropped from multi-storey buildings flood social media sites in Ukraine. Dog fighting is also reported to be a thriving money-making industry. 

There are at least 32 studies worldwide evidencing the link between animal abuse and human violence.  We’re therefore training police how to recognise cases of animal abuse, not as isolated incidents, but as possible signs of other serious violent crimes.

Our project aims to reduce victims of animal crime and bring suspected offenders to justice.

Our comprehensive training programme assists with building a collaborative framework within which animal welfare groups, police, prosecutors and the municipality may address animal cruelty together. 

The training we conducted in Kyiv earlier this year was so well received by senior police, we’ve been asked to assist in training a further 2000 Kyiv Police Officers.  We’ve also been asked to deliver our training programme to Police Forces, Municipalities and NGOs in thirteen cities across Ukraine.

This is outstanding progress for Ukrainian police, and a major undertaking for us – but one that we must commit to for the sake of Ukraine’s animals.  


Police, municipalities and NGOs in Kyiv and Mykolaiv have so far taken part in our police training programme.  We’re delighted that they’re showing such enthusiasm and dedication to fighting animal crime. 

Change is happening

For the first time ever, an offender has been charged in Odessa under Article 299 (propaganda of cruelty), and a well-known ‘dog hunter’ has been sent to prison awaiting trial.  

We’re also hearing from NGOs that trust is beginning to grow between them and the police, which is fundamental to achieving results.  In addition, police are beginning to regularly post messages on social media that demonstrate they understand why it’s important to take animal abuse seriously. 


With your support, here’s what we’re doing:

  • Deliver seminars to the police, animal protection NGOs and municipalities in cities where our training on how to fight animal abuse has been requested. 
  • Provide training to senior Police Officers in Kyiv, who took part in our training seminar earlier this year, to help them cascade our training programme to a further 2000 Police Officers in Kyiv.
  • Deliver ongoing professional support to all officers who receive the training by disseminating comprehensive training material to the officers via an official, police mobile phone app.
  • Lobby for our training to be included in the Police Academy Basic Training Programme to ensure all newly-appointed officers understand the importance of tackling animal abuse.
  • Launch a public awareness campaign in every city where our training is conducted, asking the public to be the eyes and ears of the newly-trained officers.

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY and join with us to make this pioneering project possible.

We desperately need your help to fund this most important training programme and provide the necessary training materials and ongoing support.