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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you. Help us continue our work to help animals and make a donation to all our Naturewatch campaigns

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We are proud to be working with Hidden-in-Sight to deliver professional training to Police Forces, Municipalities and animal protection NGOs across Ukraine on how to fight animal abuse. 


Ukraine – Stop Animal Abuse

Police training



Our police training programme teaches Ukrainian police officers about the links between animal abuse and other violent crimes. We’re also working with animal welfare organisations, local authorities and the public.

 Learn more about our training programmes

What we’re doing

We’ve used over 50 years of academic study and cases to create training programmes that help busy police officers, animal volunteers and those who witness animal cruelty. We explain why animal abuse rarely happens in isolation and how it’s linked to other violent crime.

 Find out how we’re getting justice for animals

How you can help

With your support and the help of authorities and welfare organisations, we’ve racked up some real achievements. We’re proud of what we’ve done together, but the work goes on and there’s more to do.

Read more about what we can achieve together