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Aggressive Dog Handling Training

Upon the request of the Kyiv Police, in July 2018 we conducted a day’s training on how to handle and control aggressive dogs.

We also donated £439’s worth of dog catching equipment and provided training on how to use this to handle aggressive dogs safely and humanely.

The training included:

  • Animal behaviour in response to perceived threats.
  • Aggression in dogs, and the triggers for aggressive behaviour.
  • Case histories of aggressive dogs.
  • Introduction to equipment available for handling and controlling aggressive dogs.
  • How to safely enter buildings where aggressive dogs are kept.

The training complied with accepted methods of handling of dogs, meeting OIE standards in dog control. 

No doubt, as Ukrainian police begin to investigate more cases of animal abuse, they will face a lot more aggressive behaviour from mistreated dogs and dogs that have been trained to fight.  This training will help to protect them, and the dogs they rescue.