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Without you, none of this would be possible

First, thank you so much for your help so far, your commitment and your donations have helped us make a real difference. 

Sadly, there are always more animals to help and more abusers to stop. The police are really benefiting from our training and we want to be able to keep on providing it, which means we need you now more than ever.

Reaching further

We need your help to make communities safer in Ukraine, but other countries are watching what we’re doing too. Bringing our insight and experience to those countries means we can save even more animals from becoming victims of crime.

Last year, we presented to politicians and law enforcement professionals about our work in London, Toronto and Cento in Italy. We also appeared on national and local TV across Ukraine, with lots of online interviews too. 

In February 2020, we presented our ‘Safer Handling of Dogs’ manual to the Ukrainian patrol police. The manual will be sent to police officers, offering advice on the safe handling of dogs and how to read them.

We need your help to get further changes into Ukrainian law that will improve animal welfare. One of these is Law 2351, which would outlaw the mass euthanasia of street dogs. We’re working with lawyers to support new changes to the law, but we’re asking our supporters to take action too, by emailing the Government of Ukraine. 

What are our plans for the future?

  • After travel restrictions are lifted, we will continue to use our online materials to educate police, and others, in remote areas.
  • When permitted, we will visit more cities – our face-to-face training is in demand.
  • We are in discussions to include the link between animal abuse and human violence in the police academy online portal, veterinary and lawyer training programmes.
  • We have presented at Westminster, and to police services in Italy and Canada. We will take advantage of opportunities to spread our key messages worldwide.
  • We will also continue to provide our humane education programmes and spay and neuter clinics in Ukraine.

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We’d love it if you could share our posts to help raise awareness of animal cruelty and how to help. Tell your family and friends about Naturewatch Foundation – together we can make a real difference for animals.

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