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We are proud to be working with Hidden-in-Sight to deliver professional training to Police Forces, Municipalities and animal protection NGOs across Ukraine on how to fight animal abuse. 


Media Coverage

Together with Hidden-in-Sight, we're working with international media to showcase the great work being carried out by Ukrainian Police to fight animal abuse:


Green Futures (from 18:30 onwards), a podcast about the link between animal abuse and human violence
K9 Magazine, Former World Heavyweight Champion Wants to KO Dog Fighting 

K9 Magazine, The Dog Fighting Industry: It’s Bigger Than You Think

One Voice, an article about the link between animal abuse and human violence


To educate the Ukrainian police and public about the link between animal abuse and human violence and what they can do to stop it, we're conducting interviews with Ukrainian media. Also our training seminars are featuring on Ukrainina news: 











(From 17 minutes)



Our Police Training Programme also features on Ukrainian Police Facebook pages:






To end on a high note, here’s a wonderful article about Lutsk Police promoting the Laksa Animal Shelter to help rescued dogs find their forever homes.