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Police Training Programme

We are delivering professional training to police, animal welfare groups, prosecutors and the municipality to assist with building a collaborative framework to fight against animal cruelty across Ukraine.

Police Training Course

We’re training Police to treat all animal cruelty crimes as possible indicators of other criminal activity, and how to investigate these linked crimes professionally.  Importantly, our training works through real-life cases that have happened in Ukraine to help everyone understand the messaging. The day’s course consists of theory-based work and an afternoon’s practical exercise covering:

  • types of animal abuse
  • why investigating animal cruelty is important
  • the link between animal and human abuse
  • the specific rules of evidence when responding to a report of an animal crime
  • the improvement of relationships between animal welfare groups and law enforcement
  • collaborative working in order to improve public confidence

If we're training police, we must educate the public!

It's vital the public know what constitutes evidence and how to report that evidence in a police-friendly format. 

We’re therefore conducting seminars for animal protection organisations and municipalities, speaking at animal welfare conferences and working with TV, radio and printed and online media across the country to make sure our message is being heard.

The one-day seminar for NGOs and municipalities covers:

  • types of animal abuse
  • law relating to animal abuse
  • police and prosecutor obligations concerning the investigation of animal abuse
  • the link between animal and human abuse
  • the rules of evidence to assist with achieving a realistic expectation when reporting a suspected case to the police
  • the improvement of relationships between animal welfare groups and law enforcement so that both groups appreciate the requirements of the other
  • professionally representing animals as their advocates.
  • collaborative working in order to improve public confidence and in achieving the aims and objectives of the police and the municipality

We’re online! 

To offer further support and training to a much wider audience, we launched a Ukrainian Facebook page.

It’s full of information about the link between animal abuse and human violence, Ukrainian legislation, advice on reporting crimes, and letting people know about the training courses we’re running. 

The page has become a focal point for anyone interested in fighting animal crime, and regularly attracts lively discussions and questions about this incredibly important issue.

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY and join with us to make this pioneering project an even bigger success!

Ukraine is a vast country, around twice the size of the UK. It’s only your generosity that will enable us to reach police, animal groups and municipalities across all regions.

The more training courses we run, the more animal abusers will be brought before the courts. Ultimately, this means an increased number of animals will be saved from a life of abuse and suffering at the hands of criminals.