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How we’re getting results

Ukraine has tougher animal cruelty punishments than the UK, carrying a jail sentence of up to eight years, but the cases have to reach court first, which means animal welfare volunteers and the police must be able to work together. 

So far, we’ve visited and trained police forces in 10 Ukrainian Cities, shown by the red markers on the map. Not only that, the police forces of 21 cities (the green markers) took part in World Animal Day, which shows incredible support for animals and our project. 

Image – police training in Dnipro, the location of the brutal killing of 21 people in 2007 by a group of young men whose criminal lives began with torturing street animals

Case studies   


Between 2017 and 2019 we saw huge increases in the numbers of animal abuse cases reported, recorded and taken to court. Every week we hear of new cases, but there are also more and more successful prosecutions. 

CASE 1: Yuri Makin
CASE 2: Maxim Lytvin
CASE 3: Oleg Gruschenko