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World Animal Day Deserves a Google Doodle

Since the first doodle was created in 1998, Google’s creative team has designed over 2,000 doodles for its home pages around the world. (A doodle, by the way, is a temporary alteration to Google's home page, usually celebrating holidays, events, birthdays or people – and their dedicated team of engineers and artists welcomes suggestions from the public worldwide!)

Earth Day, Valentine’s Day and the World Cup all feature regularly on the Google calendar. Even garden gnomes have been honoured with an interactive doodle!

We think World Animal Day is just as deserving of a doodle – thousands of people working together to improve the lives of animals on October 4 EVERY year is something to celebrate! Every e-mail counts – send your message to Google TODAY!

This special occasion is celebrated in an amazing variety of ways in numerous countries, regardless of nationality, religion, faith or political beliefs.

We're calling on animal lovers everywhere to email Google, asking their talented team to create a doodle for World Animal Day on October 4 2019. Their creations take from just a few days to up to six weeks to complete, which is why we’re getting our request in early! 

Please add your voice – help World Animal Day reach an audience of billions on October 4!

After you’ve sent your e-mail to Google, please share this appeal with any animal-loving family and friends.

On behalf of animals around the world, thank you for your support!

More information:

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