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Additional projects - World Animal Day Grant 2019

Naturewatch Foundation is delighted to fund two small additional projects as part of the 2019 World Animal Day grant.


Application from: Eunice Robai Makunda, Africa Network for Animal Welfare

Project: To fund World Animal Day activities in 42 Kenyan schools that have Animal Welfare Clubs. Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) runs the Animal Welfare Clubs in Kenya, which are aimed at promoting positive attitudes and behaviour towards animals, people and the environment in Primary schools.

The project will enable the 42 schools that have animal welfare clubs to host activities supporting good animal welfare and environmental conservation during two months around World Animal Day 2019. Teachers, who are club patrons, constantly monitor and facilitate the club activities within their school.

Club activities will include: animal-related creative work such as songs and poems; posters promoting animal welfare and celebrating World Animal Day; tree planting to promote conservation and natural habitat protection; community awareness forums to awaken respect and compassion for animals, as well as teaching about the responsibilities of caring for animals and how to look after them properly. 

The involvement of teachers in schools who are club patrons will ensure continuity of the project activities and function as links between the schools and the community. The children transitioning to next grade or another school will already have the skills to enhance and practice the animal welfare awareness gained through this project.


Application from: Liliana Tellez-Flor, ADDA Bolivia

Project: To help fund the continuation of ADDA Bolivia’s educational work reaching a diverse selection of social groups.

As well as funding educational events in the provinces, including schools, a photography competition ‘Photographing Angels’ will be promoted in all the areas where ADDA Bolivia has influenced carers of animals. Those entering the competition will share their story and photos of animals rescued, adopted or with a special love story.  This will help the message from ADDA Bolivia reach an ever-increasing number of people enabling them to learn from those who have already improved the lives of the animals in their care.

ADDA Bolivia will appoint a panel of judges and seek sponsors to provide prizes. The competition will be promoted across all media channels to gain maximum exposure. Liliana sees it as:  “An education chain in love and respect for animals to ensure they have the best quality of life, a quality of life they are entitled to as sentient animals.”