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Help raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.  Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for animals. 


Meet the winners of the World Animal Day Grant 2020!

Naturewatch Foundation sponsors the annual World Animal Day grant. The grant is restricted to applications by World Animal Day Ambassadors for non-emergency projects being undertaken in their own country.

In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and welfare of animals has still been a priority for Ambassadors around the world. While the crisis may have affected some areas of their work, they continue to give their lives to creating a better future for animals.

We are delighted to announce that there are TWO winners of this year’s World Animal Day grant.

Both projects will have a direct and positive impact on animals in their communities.


Veterinarian, Claudiu Iosim, organised fantastic events on World Animal Day for many years before becoming one of our valued Ambassadors. In 2001, he set up his animal welfare charity, Animed Arad, which runs alongside his private practice.

Claudiu is passionate about preventing the uncontrolled breeding and abandonment of thousands of animals - his charity’s goal is to create a “a future in which there are no more unwanted dogs and cats that suffer on the streets”.

Animed Arad is the only animal welfare charity in the city that runs a trap-neuter-return programme.

The issue

Claudiu’s project will focus on Santana, a city around 16 miles from Arad. Parts of the community are extremely poor, living on 100 Euros, or less, each month – they cannot afford to have their free-roaming dog or cat neutered or spayed. This leads to numerous unwanted puppies and kittens being born and dumped.

The project

Animed Arad will spay 100 dogs and cats over a few days, including strays and animals from low-income homes. In a small town of only around 13,000 residents, this will make a huge difference. Crucially, Claudiu has the full support of city hall, who will promote the event to local residents.

Read an update and Animed Arad's full report.


Khageshwaar Sharma is the Director of HART and has been an active World Animal Day Ambassador for 15 years! He has dedicated his career to working with animal welfare organisations.

One of HART’s aims is to humanely control the street and community dog population through a structured programme of survey, catch, vaccinate, neuter and release.

Vet care in the eastern regions of Nepal is in its infancy and currently consists mainly of HART’s temporary clinics.

The issue

Sadly, without HART’s intervention, locals are tempted to control dog numbers themselves by whatever methods they can find, including illegal strychnine poisoning and harmful contraceptives. On previous visits to the region, HART has also found that dogs are rarely vaccinated against rabies.

The project

The grant will allow HART to continue the annual neutering camps they have been running in the eastern regions of Nepal since 2012. Nepalese municipalities are responsible for street dogs and are, therefore, willing to collaborate with HART to humanely control their local dog populations. The team will undertake over 30 hours of driving on hazardous roads to reach their destinations - Siddhicharan and Dudhkunda municipalities. In total, HART aims to neuter and vaccinate at least 200 dogs.

After their World Animal Day grant projects have ended, both Ambassadors, along with their committed staff and volunteers, will continue to change the way animals are perceived and treated in their communities.

Read an update and HART's full report.


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Follow our grant winners' amazing work on Facebook:

Animed Arad – @animedarad
Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust - @hartnepal