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The Body Shop joins Compassionate Shopping Guide
31st January 2018
The Body Shop joins Compassionate Shopping Guide
Speak up for the Badgers
17th January 2018
Calling on supporters to submit a response to Natural England’s consultation
Environment charities welcome 25 Year Environment Plan
15th January 2018
Naturewatch Foundation supports the coalition's press release on the long-awaited 25 year Environment Plan...
Working together against wildlife crime
18th December 2017
Naturewatch Foundation is delighted to announce that...
World Animal Day Grant Update
18th December 2017
Increased volcanic activity since September has led to...
YOU DID IT! Natura confirms cruelty-free animal testing policy!
15th December 2017
Today we are pleased to let you know that...
Thank you for speaking out for dogs in 2017!
07th December 2017
What a year it’s been for dog welfare...
24th November 2017
What you have read here is a tiny snapshot of what happened...
Is The Body Shop’s new parent company profiting from animal testing?
20th November 2017
After months of avoiding questions about their animal testing policy, The Body Shop’s new owner...
Did you know that there are 31,536,000 seconds in 2017?
27th September 2017
Can you spare a few to help animals?