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Vote Against Badger Cull
22nd April 2013
Badger Cruelty on rise ahead of controversial cull…
Cruelty Free Loopholes
26th March 2013
Animal testing exposed infograph
Look at things from a different perspective
05th March 2013
EU Cosmetics Testing Ban is just a stept forward but we still need to convince the rest of the world…
DEFRA slow in tackling the problems of dangerous and stray dog population
22nd January 2013
In April 2012 DEFRA launched their 'tackling irresponsible dog ownership' consultation…
Campaigning to end Pet Markets and mandatory licensing of Dog breeders
07th December 2012
Following the October parliamentary elections, we are ensuring that animal welfare remains...
Badger Cull officially ‘On Hold’
16th November 2012
Amid scientific and public opinion strongly against a Badger cull, concerns about the costs involved, public safety...
3.79m Animals Used in Testing Procedures in Britain
31st July 2012
Animal testing at highest level in Britain for nearly 25 years…