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Did you know that there are 31,536,000 seconds in 2017?
27th September 2017
Can you spare a few to help animals?
Don’t be a couch potato on World Animal Day!
05th September 2017
Please give a little time for animals...
Who won this year’s World Animal Day grant?
31st August 2017
Today we have great pleasure in making the following announcement...
Animals used in British experiments in 2016
13th July 2017
Almost 4 million animals were used in scientific procedures ...
GE2017: Where do the parties stand?
23rd May 2017
As the major political parties release their manifestos in the lead up to the 2017 General Election...
Make Animals Matter in #GE2017
10th May 2017
Calling for all parties in the 2017 General Election to include ....
Sowing Seeds Of Compassion In Kurdistan
27th March 2017
Find out more about this pioneering project...
MPs Urged To End Secrecy In Animal Experiments
27th March 2017
Today every Member of Parliament has received a copy of our...
Bringing Hope To Animals Across The EU
08th March 2017
As part of our commitment to improve welfare standards...
Campaign To End Badger Digging And Baiting
08th February 2017
We are delighted to announce the relaunch of...