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Tell The Government To Ban Third Party Sales Of Puppies
31st January 2017
An end to third party trading would signify the end of puppy farming. Tell your MP!
Buying A Puppy Is Easier Than Ever – And That Is The Problem
01st December 2016
Wendy Turner Webster speaks out against puppy farming.
Make Up With A Background
17th November 2016
The devil is in the details ... It makes a great deal of difference.
It’s official - The World Animal Day movement gains momentum each year!
14th October 2016
On behalf of the animals with whom we share planet earth...
Justice for Dogs: “You can’t sell puppies anymore”
05th October 2016
Pet shop banned from selling puppies following investigations by Naturewatch Foundation
Almost 8 animals per minute suffer for scientific procedures in Great Britain
21st July 2016
Over 4 million live animals were used in scientific procedures in Great Britain in 2015...
The Great British Puppy Survey Findings 2016
20th June 2016
The survey results provide unique evidence of puppy buying and selling behavior....
Italian court jails three executives of company planning to breed beagles in Yorkshire
14th March 2016
In March 2016, an Italian appeal court...
Full Steam Ahead in Ukraine
09th March 2016
2016 is shaping up to be a busy year in Ukraine for Naturewatch Foundation...
World Animal Day Makes Animal Issues Front Page News Around The Globe!
04th November 2015
and continues to grow at an astonishing rate...