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The Great British Puppy Survey Findings 2016
20th June 2016
The survey results provide unique evidence of puppy buying and selling behavior....
Italian court jails three executives of company planning to breed beagles in Yorkshire
14th March 2016
In March 2016, an Italian appeal court...
Full Steam Ahead in Ukraine
09th March 2016
2016 is shaping up to be a busy year in Ukraine for Naturewatch Foundation...
World Animal Day Makes Animal Issues Front Page News Around The Globe!
04th November 2015
and continues to grow at an astonishing rate...
Free Global Publicity for your World Animal Day Celebration
09th October 2015
Naturewatch Foundation is proud to sponsor the World Animal Day movement...
Who won this year’s World Animal Day Grant?
30th September 2015
With the help and support of Naturewatch Foundation...
Official World Animal Day Music Video
28th September 2015
Naturewatch Foundation is proud to sponsor World Animal Day...
Support World Animal Day - buy your gear today!
25th August 2015
How much do you know about puppy farming?
24th July 2015
The mass commercial production of puppies continues to flourish across the UK
Say NO to beagle breeding facility
11th June 2015
Please make your voice heard against plans to build a facility in Yorkshire to breed beagle dogs for experiments.