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Animal testing cruelty exposed

Scandal as animals starved in UK animal testing laboratories

Naturewatch Foundation is passionate about ending animal cruelty. We are appalled that over three million animals are still used in animal testing in the UK every year! We want to change laws that allow institutions to test chemicals and products on innocent animals and make sure people know what is going on behind closed doors!

New figures, just disclosed by the Government, have detailed 28 cases of ‘non-compliance’ with regulated animal testing licences in 2018.

In 24 of the cases, 2,680 animals were involved, of which 1,631 were fish, 483 birds, 376 mice, 170 rats and 20 pigs. Some of the imprisoned animals were accidentally starved of food and water, neglected, unintentionally ‘super-heated’ in an equipment steriliser, overbred, or used without an appropriate licence. In four cases, the number of animals used is unknown – one case includes the unlicensed collection of semen from dogs.

And what were the penalties for these cases of non-compliance? Simply reprimand letters and progress reports!

Animal testing is unnecessary. It is outdated, barbaric and must be stopped. The culture of secrecy around testing must be unveiled. Naturewatch Foundation continues to put pressure on the Government to be more open with the British public about what happens inside animal research laboratories and to support new human-centric technologies, which do not imprison or hurt animals. We also seek to hold the Government to account in regulating the animals in science sector, and the Government’s commitment to the ‘3Rs’ of replacing, reducing and refining animal testing.

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During the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, sadly, many more animals will suffer and be sacrificed in to help develop a vaccine for humans. Currently, vaccine research is a lengthy process involving animal and clinical testing. At this awful time, we urge research institutions to work together, share data and not replicate animal experiments in the race to find a vaccine. Animals are sentient beings that feel pain and joy, just like us. But also, unlike us, they do not always respond in the same way to chemicals or illness.

The pandemic has increased the necessity for a speedier switch to the replacement of animal experiments with scientifically advanced, non-animal methods that are biologically relevant for humans.

The pandemic has restricted the lives of many people. It is worrying that, due to restrictions on movement, government inspectors have not been visiting animal research laboratories and we are questioning how the UK Government is effectively regulating licensees and animal testing.

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There is much to do to increase the pace at which the world moves away from animal experimentation towards scientifically advanced and technological methods. The UK has an ethical and economic opportunity to lead the way in developing innovative human-centric science. Thank you for your support of our work to help end animal cruelty. We will keep passionately campaigning for all animals!

June 2020