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ATTENTION! Important news for stockists of Ecover and Method

Ecover and Method have a dirty secret – they are now linked to animal testing!

We’re asking all stockists to drop Ecover and Method products from their range now they are owned by SC Johnson, one of the biggest multinational household product manufacturers in the world, who openly admit to selling products developed using animals.  They also own many other animal-tested brands including Duck, Glade, Pledge and Mr Muscle.

Customer outrage shows news will affect sales.

This campaign has got off to a fantastic start. Now it’s crucial that we send an even stronger message to SC Johnson via the UK’s stockists of Ecover and Method products.

Who’s taken the pledge to ditch Ecover and Method?

So far, 13 stockists have taken Ecover and Method products from their shelves. If you know a retailer/stockist we should approach please let us know. Feel free to speak with them yourself first to find out if they would like to know more.

Valley Organics Workers’ Co-op provides a large range of fresh produce, whole foods, prepared foods, confectionary, chilled and frozen foods, household and body care products. All fresh produce is either certified organic or from local growers whose growing methods are approved.  Most other products are organic but the shop does stock some non-organic products where there is no organic alternative.
One of our strongest reasons for being is our ethics - we sacked Solgar when they were owned by an American defence company, we parted company with Pukka Teas when they sold out to Unilever, and Ecover is going the same way now they are owned by SC Johnson.
Mark Hubbard, Fodder, Hereford
“If I want to make a difference for my customers I need to know that the brands I stock uphold the ethics and principles that make Indigo Wholefoods different.  By selling the Ecover and Method brands to SC Johnson - a company involved in animal testing, People Against Dirty no longer uphold these ethics and principles and I can no longer justify stocking their products.  At Indigo Wholefoods principles come before profit.”
George Howell, Indigo Wholefoods, Birmingham
A family-run, eco-friendly business, Jo’s stocks a good range of organic food, groceries, natural and chemical-free household products and toiletries, organic meats, cheese, wine, fresh fruit and vegetables.
Neill & Joanne Shah, Jo’s Organic Stores, Cardiff

“I really hope that Ecover can use their skills to effect change throughout all of SC Johnson to improve the ethics of the whole company. Until there is concrete proof of that however Naked Larder will no longer be stocking Ecover products.”
Phili Denning, Naked Larder, London

Founded in the late 1960’s in Yorkshire, Premcrest is a specialist wholesale distributor of ethical, fair trade, free from, eco, organic and natural products.
Mohammed Zafir, Premcrest, Bradford
Wholefoods and Healing has a lot to offer: organic whole foods, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and speciality foods, herbs and spices, supplements, herbal remedies, Bach flower remedies, organic toiletries, Natracare products and incorporates a complementary therapy centre.
Susan Thomas, Wholefoods and Healing, Fishguard
The place to find organic products, vegetarian and vegan food items, drinks (including alcoholic), cosmetics,  household products and friendly service.
Angela Dyas, The Organic Food Store, Stockport

"Ecover made millions from small ethical shops like us, now they've ditched their ethics so we've ditched them!"

Colin Climpson, Swindon Pulse Wholefoods, Swindon
Archie Browns is a health food shop and vegetarian café and restaurant, with shops in Penzance and Truro. Aiming to provide people with the choice of a healthy lifestyle, and empower them to look after their own health by providing a friendly helpful service with an all-round uplifting and inspiring environment.
Rachel Blomfield, Archie Browns Health Foods, Truro
"We have ditched Ecover and Method as we know small moves like this will eventually make change happen - the few will become the many."
Clare Thomas, Wholefoods of Newport, Newport
Buckfastleigh’s community health food store and café where you’ll find a friendly welcome, an excellent choice of quality, organic produce, ethical and tasty foods.
Sefton Paine, The Seed Wholefood Store, Torquay
A friendly and knowledgeable local store selling health supplements, organic produce, teas and more. It has its own café where you can enjoy a cup of organic tea or coffee, smoothies and locally made cakes.
Emma Ramsden, The Green Shop, Radstock