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Bringing Hope To Animals Across The EU

As part of our commitment to improve welfare standards for companion animals both at home and around the world, we are pleased to announce Naturewatch Foundation has joined the EU Dog & Cat Alliance.

As members of the Alliance, we will collaborate with like-minded organisations working to protect dog and cats across the European Union. This will have a direct impact in particular on the dogs and puppies bred in puppy farms in both the UK and other member states, traded across borders – often illegally – to be sold as pets.

Naturewatch Foundation has a long track record of working to improve animal welfare standards worldwide, so joining the Alliance is a natural fit for us.

  • We spearhead the World Animal Day movement – a global event to unite the animal welfare movement worldwide every October 4.
  • We have run extensive projects in Ukraine over the past 20 years, working with municipalities to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, and coordinate an education programme aiming to solve the stray animal problem for the long term.
  • We provided life-saving equipment for the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, helped set up the first animal shelter in Kaunas, and lobbied the Lithuanian Government to introduce new welfare protection measures for horses.
  • We raised public awareness within the UK of the horrific Australian live export trade, collecting 57,000 petition signatures and delivering them to the Australian High Commission in London.
  • We investigated the European live export trade, and lobbied for a reduction in journey times for live animals.
  • We funded a major investigation into the export of live horses from Lithuania to Italy, exposing severe cruelty within the horse meat trade on national television.
  • We instigated programmes to improve stray dog welfare in Bulgaria and Moldova.

In addition to our ongoing campaigns within the United Kingdom, we look forward to working together with the Alliance on issues such as calling for EU legislation requiring the licensing of dog and cat breeders by Member States; and improving systems for movement of dogs and cats traded across borders.

There is a long journey ahead of us, but together we are stronger. We look forward to achieving the biggest impact possible for dogs and cats in the EU.

Find out more about the EU Dog & Cat Alliance: