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Campaigning to end Pet Markets and mandatory licensing of Dog breeders

Following the October parliamentary elections, we are ensuring that animal welfare remains high on the political agenda in Lithuania. After a Naturewatch Dog population survey in the capital Vilnius, we are now meeting with municipality officials to address the issue of dog breeders and pet markets. We are meeting with State Veterinary Service this month (December) to discuss inspections of animal shelters  throughout Lithuania to make sure the highest welfare standards are given to homeless dogs.

The picture is an example in Kaunas market where dogs and cats and all sorts of other animals are sold from car boots. Pet markets in Lithuania are totally unregulated and welfare of the animals not subject to any form of law. We want to see an end to pet markets and to introduce a licence scheme for Dog and cat breeders. A robust inspection system must be put in place to guarantee the welfare of the animals.