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Dana championing Naturewatch Foundation

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson. In the case of our work in Ukraine it couldn't be more true.

Dana Novarchuk has become an animal welfare superstar as she tours Ukrainian cities to help implement humane stray animal management programmes that she learned from Naturewatch Foundation.  

The Head of Public Phytosanitary Services of Ukraine was so impressed by Dana’s vast knowledge and commitment that he jokingly said "clones of Dana should be sent in every city of Ukraine".  As a result of meeting Dana, he has agreed to develop and publish a set of guidelines on the oral vaccination against rabies for distribution to municipalities throughout Ukraine, and discussions are underway of how his department can help to address Ukraine's stray animal problem.  

In addition the Mayor of Rivne has promised to allocate necessary funds to set up a stray animal management programme in his city, using the same humane and sustainable methods implemented by Dana in Lutsk.  

Picture from the first training seminar Dana attended back in 2012









First training seminar attended by Dana in 2012

Three years ago, Dana Novarchuk attended our educational seminars on humane and sustainable stray animal management.  Dana took on board everything she learnt and returned home to Lutsk to work with her local municipality, implementing a catch, neuter and release scheme and rehoming programme that are proving to be a great success.  All dogs returned to the streets are cared for under a guardian scheme of a network of 100 carers across the city.  Plus she offers free spay/neutering for pet animals to prevent unwanted litters being abandoned.
As you probably know, last year we signed an official Agreement with the Deputy Mayor of Lutsk to become the city’s advisors on stray animal management, providing further training and assistance to Dana and her dedicated team of animal rescuers.
We are delighted that the wonderful work that Dana has achieved in Lutsk is now being recognised by other cities.  Dana is being approached by many municipalities seeking her help and advice to manage their stray animal populations using the same humane and sustainable methods. 
Dana also met with representatives from the State Veterinary Service, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, and other animal advocates who all highly value the work she does for stray dogs in Lutsk.
We are very proud of Dana, together with the results we have achieved so far in Ukraine. This wonderful story reinforces our belief that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to improve the world for the animals.​