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Dog Safety Awareness

Naturewatch Foundation has launched a new education project dedicated to reducing the number of children and adults attacked by dogs every year.

Our aim is to teach school children how to read a dog’s body language so that they can understand when a dog is happy, playful, anxious or fearful.   We are teaching children what to do to make a boisterous or aggressive dog leave them alone, and how to safely interact with a dog in a way both children and dogs will enjoy. 

To teach children how to stay safe around dogs we are working with the Freshwater Theatre Company to bring entertaining and educational interactive workshops to primary schools using role play, drama, and discussions.  

Please download our Guidance Document on Dog Safety Awareness

This is a resource for parents and teachers so they can teach children how to be safe around dogs; be it their own pets, friends’ dogs or unfamiliar dogs in public places. 

For more information please click here