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Forty doggies in the window

The Hanwell Pet Store in London has applied to the Ealing Council for a variation on their pet shop licence to increase the number of puppies kept on the premises from eight to forty.  

In June 2012, the premises was granted a licence in the name of Mrs Annette Wood following her husband’s prosecution and disqualification from keeping a licensed pet shop. 

A number of specific conditions were attached to the new licence in addition to the standard licence conditions, in particular restricting the number of puppies to be kept on the premises to a maximum of eight at any one time and the keeping of detailed records.  A further condition was that Mrs Wood must complete a City and Guilds qualification in Pet Store Management.

Mrs Wood has now obtained her qualification and is looking to increase the puppy sales element of her business.

Jennie Rudd, animal welfare Campaign Manager for Naturewatch Foundation states:  “Conditions within pet shops cannot meet welfare standards as termed in the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and they prevent buyers from seeing the puppies interact with their mother, which is an essential piece of advice recommended by all animal welfare groups and even DEFRA.  Pet shops also trigger impulse purchases, which can lead to later abandonment contributing to the already pushed resources of councils and rescue centres.”

The Hearing will take place on Monday 30th March from 10:30 – 16:30 at the Ealing Town Hall.  As it is a public hearing, anyone is welcome to go along to observe.  

Notes for Editor

Further information about the hearing on the Ealing Council website: 

 Click here 

Ealing Council’s public report on the Hanwell Pet Store:  

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