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It’s been a tough week for animals in Ukraine…


I have been working with the police across Ukraine for two years, training them to appreciate why investigating animal abuse is important in making communities safer for both animals AND people.

As Campaign Manager, I’d like to explain what a week of cruelty looks like, considering only the cases of animal abuse that have emerged.

This will be a tough read as the abuse is horrific and whilst you never become numb to it, each of us develops our own coping mechanism. As a former detective, I investigated child abuse and killings so had many years of witnessing the terror that people are capable of.


The first case this week was a man in the south of Ukraine who had drowned cats and kittens because they ‘ate his food’. That was his only motivation. This was the second city that Naturewatch Foundation trained in, during October 2018.


The second case was passed to me by a volunteer who had attended three of my sessions and has changed the way she deals with cases as a result.

She identified a man living with his mother, who captures puppies, tortures and kills them and then posts the images online. All the evidence suggests to me that this is a potential serial killer just beginning his killing spree. The police are now investigating.


The third case was again passed to me by a volunteer who attended our training and recalls some information I passed about how child abuse and animal cruelty are often linked.

This case involves a woman who was killing animals on social media channels for viewers who paid 50 euros to watch. As I dug deeper, I could see that she was justifying her actions as a result of her being abused. The cycle of violence is a perpetual one. Three people have been arrested and an investigation is under way.

The tip of the iceberg

These examples show how bad people can be and most of you will be shocked and stunned to read what is happening. The cases, I can assure you, are only the tip of the iceberg as we fight to change attitudes and responses to cruelty. It’s a tough battle.

I mentioned earlier that we all develop coping mechanisms to work through this awfulness and mine has always been based around being able to do something about it. I have a unique position in that I can investigate abuse and train others how to investigate.

What also helps me though, is knowing that others care too and take what actions they can.

How you can help end the shocking cruelty

These may include reposting a message on social media, making a supportive comment or signing a petition, such as the one we created to bring forward Ukrainian Law 2351.

Of course, every donation helps us too.

Each action our supporters take helps stop the abuse little by little. It really does.

Thank you.
Mark Randell
Campaign Manager

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