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Monitoring animal abuse confirms link to domestic violence

It was a real honour for Mark Randell, Campaign Manager for our Ukraine project, to represent Europe at the Enforcement Day of the Violence Link Conference of Canada in Toronto this November. Mark was invited to speak on behalf of Naturewatch Foundation as an international expert on how animal and human violence is interconnected.

We presented to around 80 law enforcement professionals from the Canadian Provinces such as Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia about the Naturewatch Foundation training project in Ukraine and how we are working with police officers to make Ukraine safer for animals and people.

The ‘Link’ between animal and human violence has been a concept for 50 years, but using this knowledge to help prevent cruelty to both humans and animals and create safer communities began relatively recently. It is responsible for changes in the way animal abuse is being perceived.

Our Ukraine Police Training Project is one of the examples of global best practice, and is now increasingly recognised internationally.

We are extremely proud of our project that is helping animals on a global scale. In 2019, we have run 19 training events, covering 4 countries including visiting 8 Ukrainian cities.

This hugely successful project, that continues to gain momentum, has been made possible by the loyal supporters of Naturewatch Foundation who are committed to helping save animals around the world. 

We have plans in place to progress and expand it in 2020 and are relying on the supporters of Naturewatch Foundation and the general public to make this happen.

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