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More companies join our fight against animal testing

We are delighted to inform you that since the 13th edition of the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide was published in November 2012, the following companies have successfully demonstrated that they meet our strict endorsement criteria:

Tropic Skincare, Phil Smith, Ecozone, Dr Organic, Optima Consumer Health and PHB Ethical Beauty.

All these companies have a Fixed Cut-Off Date (animal testing policy) that precedes the 11th March 2013, when the EU Cosmetic Testing Ban came into force.  This fact is important as it demonstrates their voluntary commitment to being cruelty free rather than being forced into it by legislation. 

For companies who do business outside the EU, having a Fixed Cut-Off Date Animal Testing Policy in place means their products are cruelty free globally.  This is now our focus of course: we won’t rest until animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries is relegated to the dustbin of history throughout the world!