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Official World Animal Day Music Video

Naturewatch Foundation is proud to sponsor World Animal Day and is delighted to bring you the Official Music Video!

Please help raise awareness of World Animal Day, 4 October, by sharing this brilliant video far and wide.

Official World Animal Day Music Video

Directed and produced by Anneka Svenska, one of our celebrity ambassadors, with her wonderful team of animals and the support of Chiswell Studios.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all the talented people involved who gave up their time to help promote the World Animal Day movement.  

Anneka Svenska – Celebrity Ambassador (Female Fox / Girl)
Michael Dias – Film Maker of Chiswell Studios
Mr Fox – Nikki Hamilton
Beagle – Sarah Hackett
Rabbit – Niz Khan
Zebra – Mark Saltmarsh
Elephant – Christie Wood
Badger – Frank Wood
Cow – Janette Boram
Lion – Lulu Griffin-Wroe
Cat – Chrissie Chambers