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Like casting a pebble into a pond, every single World Animal Day event causes a ripple effect leading to many more events being held the following year.

News of World Animal Day and its mission to raise the status of animals continues to spread around the globe. Trending on social media in 25 countries and media articles highlighting this special day, all helped raise awareness of animal welfare issues… A vital catalyst for change.

Celebrities such as Rohit Sharma, Ricky Gervais, Dia Mirza, Eesha Rebba, Carolina Marin, Diana Penty, Kristin Davis, Cesar Milan, Jane Goodall, Simon Cowell, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Evanna Lynch, Michael Monroe, and Bill Bailey, to name but a few, came out in force to speak up for animals.  Countless animal-related organisations and publications also helped tremendously to direct traffic to World Animal Day. is proud to showcase some of the hundreds of inspiring events that took place in 2017 to celebrate this special day.  Here is just a snapshot so please visit the website for more:        

Every year events are held to plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of the younger generation as they are our main hope for a brighter future for animals.

In Lithuania, a class discussion highlighted how important it is to be a responsible animal carer. In Ivory Coast, MAEP organised a children’s drawing contest to raise awareness of the many animal welfare issues in Africa.  In Serbia a childrens art competition, concert, and award ceremony  to recognise the contribution of individuals to improving animal welfare took place. In Spain, three days were dedicated to celebrating animals with a whole host of fun-filled educational activities for school children. In South Africa, Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary shared a fun day of educational activities with 50 children. In Turkey, school children had great fun making houses for stray cats in their neighbourhood.

In India, the JBF Society held two, free anti-rabies vaccination and pet health check clinics.

In the UK a whole host of events took place in celebration of World Animal Day including, events in schools, a family fun day for residents of Southampton, and a vigil was held at Huntingdon Life Sciences to remember the animals that have suffered behind the closed doors of this testing laboratory.

Every year in Cochabamba, Bolivia, a wonderful mass is held to remind people of their obligation to care for the country’s animals. Pets are welcome!

In Sri Lanka, the Otara Foundation chose to focus on animals that are robbed from their natural habitat and deprived of freedom for man’s commercial benefit. In the USA, ‘Roar for Tony the Tiger’ has become an annual event. Tony has lived all of his 17 years as a roadside attraction in Louisiana.

In Egypt, 120 VIPs attended a conference at the Greater Cairo Library with well-respected guests speaking up for the country’s animals.

In Liberia a massive celebration was held bringing together over 2,000 children, animal carers, stakeholders and community leaders to raise awareness about the plight of the country’s animals.

In Syria, the Ministry of Education agreed to add images of different Syrian wild animals to the front of biology text books with information about them on the back page.

In The Gambia a march was organised and attended by government departments, stakeholders, animal welfare oranisations and students. It was followed by speeches and plays by children which demonstrated a real understanding of local animal welfare issues.

In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, an online campaign was held focusing upon why it’s important to be a responsible pet guardian.

In Kurdistan, Iraq, KOARP (winners of the 2016 World Animal Day Grant) followed up training carried out earlier this year, held a seminar, and gained media attention for a number of animal-related issues of concern  in the region.

Many cities organised marches to draw attention to animal welfare issues.  One such march was held in Medellín, Colombia, calling for the government to ban bullfighting in the country.

Every year, countless radio and TV interviews are conducted on and around World Animal Day which help to raise awareness on a massive scale.

A street campaign organised in Pelembang, Sumatra, Indonesia, caught the attention of a nationwide radio show resulting in the organisers being invited to participate in an hour long interview. In Malawi, the All Creatures CEO and World Animal Day Ambassador appeared on national TV to discuss animal health issues and highlight the objectives of World Animal Day. In the US, World Animal Day featured in a television talk show, A close-up look at animal welfare issues.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina activists launched an appeal to government imploring them to honour the fur farming ban that is due to come into force in January 2018. So far, 46 World Animal Day Ambassadors have expressed their support for this action. The country’s children say no to fur farming.

What you have read here is a tiny snapshot of what happened around the world to draw attention to animals in honour of World Animal Day on October 4.

This powerful movement, that grows each year, is helping to make the world a better place for animals - a world where they are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare.

We encourage everyone who reads this to Get Involved next year and help raise the status of animals.

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