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Stop the mass euthanasia of dogs in Ukraine


Ukrainian animal law is changing. In the UK, most law has been developed over centuries. The original Cruelty to Animals Law for England and Wales dates from 1835 and this outlawed cruelty such as dogfighting.

Ukrainian law is different in that most of it is new, most based on European legislation and can be amended more easily. Some of the animal welfare law is excellent; for example, Ukraine has the toughest jail terms available of anywhere in Europe – 8 YEARS, and the toughest punishments are reserved for those who abuse animals in front of children. We know that children who witness animal violence become more abusive themselves, perpetuating a cycle of violence that underpins our whole campaign work here.

There are many good lawyers across Ukraine who draft the new laws and at Naturewatch Foundation we work with these lawyers. They assist in our police and animal group training sessions and in return, we lend any support we can with the new legislation.

Law 2351 is currently with the Ukrainian Government, known as the RADA. It aims to stop animals in circuses, to address cruel dolphinaria and also to OUTLAW the mass execution of street dogs by euthanasia on the basis that they are ‘pests’ or a nuisance to society. We already run successful spay and neuter programmes in Ukraine (thanks to the help of Naturewatch Foundation supporters) and we know that these are what helps reduce increasing numbers of street animals. We do not support mass euthanasia as a ‘quick fix’ to a perceived problem. We know it leads to undervaluing the worth of an animals’ life and we know this leads to further desensitisation of a community – leading to increased violence.

That is why we are asking the supporters of Naturewatch Foundation to use their voice to help save potentially 1000s of animals to tell the Government of Ukraine to adopt law 2351 and therefore be seen as a country with compassion, a country that cares about its animal communities.

Please help us help the animals.