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Updates from Bolivia - World Animal Day Grant Runner Up

Last September, Naturewatch Foundation provided a grant to three World Animal Day Ambassadors who work in very hard conditions in countries where animal welfare is not given the attention it deserves and funds are very hard to find.

ADDA-Bolivia was one of the two runners-up that carries out wonderful work helping animals in Cochambamba, Bolivia. We were able to send them a grant to help them in their everyday work rescuing animals that have been mistreated, dogs that have been involved in collisions with vehicles, and strays that require veterinary attention.

Thanks to Naturewatch Foundation, ADDA-Bolivia has been able to purchase:

  • Dog Food for shelter dogs and those living on the streets.  The bags in the photos below are “quintals” (50kg bags) of “arrocillo” (broken rice) – each quintal lasts 1 week.  ADDA-Bolivia gives the dogs balanced meals made up of vegetables, meat, and bones.
  • Dog Coats to keep the shelter dogs warm during the cold winter.
  • Veterinary Medication and other veterinary provisions are provided to the vet to treat the animals taken there by ADDA-Bolivia as this helps keep the society’s veterinary bills to the minimum.
  • Transport – Some of the money was spent on “trufis” (local buses), taxis, and other public transportation in order to rescue dogs as the society doesn not have it’s own rescue vehicle.

Liliana Tellez Flor, the director of ADDA Bolivia is very grateful for the support of their work helping animals in Cochambamba, Bolivia.