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Where do the parties stand on animal welfare?

Last update 22/01/19

We would never tell you who to vote for. But you may be interested in reading the most recently updated information about the animal welfare policies of our elected political representatives in the UK House of Commons.

Once a general election is called then the political parties will publish new manifesto detailing their policies should they be elected to government. In the meantime you may find the following websites of interest linking to the latest available published political party animal welfare policies and active political party animal welfare groups that seek to influence their party policies:

UK Political Party Policies January 2019

Name of Political Party Weblink
Conservative Party


 Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

Labour Party

 Plan for Animal Welfare

 Labour Animal Welfare Society

Scottish National Party
 What are the SNP doing to improve animal welfare in Scotland?
Democratic Unionist Party

 Challenging Cruelty

Liberal Democrat Party

 Moving the needle on animal welfare

Plaid Cymru  Animal Welfare
Green Party

 Animal Rights 

 Greens For Animal Protection 



This information is to be used only as a guide to seeking further information on party policies across the parties analysed above in the United Kingdom and devolved legislatures. Naturewatch Foundation is an apolitical charity and provides this information for the purposes of informing on our key areas of concern for animal welfare, and to provide an indication of the comprehensiveness of party policies relating to animals. The quantity of animal welfare policies does not necessarily indicate the subjective quality of policies. We encourage all voters to read all party policies and election manifestos relating to animals and non-animal issues and consult their local candidates, before making an informed choice at the polling booth at elections.

This list of parties is not exhaustive. Policies of parties may change or be clarified at any time. Therefore this table and political analysis may be updated periodically. Please contact if you would like to suggest an update.