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World Animal Day Ambassador Grant

World Animal Day is delighted to announce the launch of a World Animal Day Ambassador Grant sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation. 

The Grant is restricted to applications by, or via, World Animal Day Ambassadors  for projects within the countries they represent. 

A World Animal Day Ambassador may submit grant applications for any animal welfare organisation within their country, as long as the organisation meets the Grant Conditions. Applications are restricted to projects (non-emergency) being undertaken by not for profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisations. 

World Animal Day will provide a one-off grant of up to GBP £5,000 to an animal welfare organisation for a project that enhances the welfare of animals. 

Naturewatch Foundation will select three projects that they believe have the best potential to make a real difference in alleviating the suffering of animals. Naturewatch Foundation will publicise the three selected projects to their supporters and ask them to vote for the one they feel is most worthy, along with their donation to the World Animal Day cause. Depending upon the applications received and the funds raised, it may be possible to provide financial support for more than one project.

Please read the guidance for applicants carefully before drafting your application.

All submissions should be sent by World Animal Day Ambassadors no later than 1st July 2014.

The winner(s) will be announced on World Animal Day, 4 October 2014.