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World Animal Day Grant Update

Last year, we awarded a small World Animal Day grant to the Swaziland Animal Welfare Society.

Below we include a short report written by Margaret Dean-Smith, Chief Executive

'As a result of the Grant made to us by Naturewatch Foundation we were able to print 6,000 Pet Care Brochures.  These brochures enable us to disseminate information in both the official languages of Swaziland; English and siSwati.

These colourful brochures cover many aspects of Pet Care and we have already distributed them to local Pet Shops, Private Vets and Government Veterinary Clinics throughout Swaziland.

We will also hand them out whenever we visit schools, hold Fund-raising events or run Workshops, thus spreading the ‘word’ about good Pet Care practices to as many people and areas as possible.

We really appreciate this Grant as it enables us to educate as many people as possible.

Thank you!' 

This project was made possible thanks to compassionate people like you who are long-standing supporters of our work! Help us fund projects like this. Donate now!