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​’​Cruelty-free​’​ Eco-bag

‘Cruelty-free’ Shopping Bag – NEW DESIGN!

Since a 5p charge for plastic bags was introduced in 2015, the number of bags used has gone down by over 80% in England. This equates to more than nine billion fewer plastic bags!*

Many shoppers have replaced them with cotton eco-bags. Hard-wearing, versatile and more attractive than plastic bags, these bags are often carried as fashion accessories in their own right.

Using an environmentally friendly cotton bag shows that you’re concerned about the planet. Why not let the world know that you also care about animals with our NEW ‘Cruelty-Free Shopping’ bag?

Our bag is:

  • White
  • 100% lightweight cotton
  • 5oz/140gsm cotton
  • 42cm x 37cm/16½” x 14½”
  • 10 litre capacity
  • Long handles
  • Made in India, from a sustainable crop
  • Printed in the UK

If you already have our previous shopping bag design, why not order another one for your collection?

(Price includes postage and packing.)



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  • Contribute towards the spaying of cats and dogs to stop them from giving birth to even more unwanted animals.
  • Provide materials for vets to raise awareness of puppy farming and how their customers can help end this abhorrent trade.
  • Help expose the reality of animal experiments in the UK by raising awareness in the media, with the public and with politicians to help change the law.
  • Help cover the cost of our two hotlines to investigate your leads: 'Hero4Badgers' and 'Hotline4Puppies'.
  • Help us provide online Humane Education courses free of charge to teachers and youth leaders in Ukraine.
  • Cover the travel expenses of an expert such as a badger group representative to conduct an education session with school teenagers about the illegal persecution of badgers.
  • Contribute towards the cost of training one police officer in Ukraine to fight animal abuse.
  • Help power the World Animal Day movement to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

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On behalf of the animals, we sincerely thank you!

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