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Palm oil, consumer products & orangutans

Palm Oil in soaps and other consumer products is driving the wholesale conversion of Indonesia’s rainforest to palm oil. Home to orangutans, tigers, rhino, sun bears and 328 other endangered species, 30 square miles of rainforest is cleared daily for the purpose of palm oil production.

Key Fact: In addition to loss of habitat, Greenpeace estimates the clearing of Indonesia’s rainforest is responsible for 4% of global climate emissions. In response, some companies now produce soaps and bodycare which don’t contain palm oil, or only use palm oil from a sustainable source.

Each of the bodycare companies below are doing their bit to protect the orangutans by offering palm oil free products:

  • Little Satsuma – Palm oil free soap. 10p from every soap sold goes to the Orangutan Foundation + 20% discount to everyone who purchases a copy of the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide!
  • Cioccolatina – Sources fair trade, sustainable palm kernel oil direct from farmer co-operatives in Ghana. Through its Helping Hands programme, Cioccolatina donates 10% of profits to community projects in Ghana.
  • RSPB – ‘Skinny Dipper’ Palm oil free soaps and bodycare. 100% of profit helps birds and wildlife. Plus RSPB now produce their own rainforest-friendly (palm oil free) chocolate!
  • Elphin and Calder Valley Soaps – Offers a fair trade, palm oil free, shea butter soap from a womens workers co-operative in Ghana.
  • Woadworks – Palm Oil free soaps, salves, skin and bodycare. 20% discount offer for everyone purchasing Naturewatch’s new 12th edition Compassionate Shopping Guide.
  • Lush – Palm oil free soap. Lush developed the world’s first commercially available palm free soap base.
  • Yaoh – Palm Oil free soaps and bodycare Pure Nuff Stuff – Palm Oil free bodycare.
  • Essential Care – Palm Oil Free bodycare. Hempish – Palm Oil free soaps.