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Bulgaria State Veterinary Seminars

On 26-30th November, Naturewatch Foundation together with its team of international experts in the stray animal and veterinary fields, holded a two-day seminar and practical workshop in two different cities in Bulgaria for State Veterinary Inspectors.  The two locations, Sofia and Varna, will enable all Inspectors from across the whole of Bulgaria to have access to this training.

The purpose is to educate the Inspectors on how to properly inspect Municipality and NGO animal shelters to ensure they meet the standards recommended by the World Organisation of Animal Health (OiE).

This is part of an ongoing Naturewatch Foundation project to work with governments throughout Eastern Europe to facilitate the improvements of their welfare standards and assist them in implementing humane and sustainable stray animal management policies.

In addition to the theory side, the Inspectors are also conducting an inspection of the Sofia and Varna Municipal Animal Shelters with the aid a formal checklist under the guidance of Naturewatch Foundation's International Technical Consultant.

So far the seminar and practical workshops are being very well received by the State Veterinary Inspectors, and has provided a platform for ongoing discussion and support for their valuable work.