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Naturewatch train dog catchers in Kharkov

As part of Naturewatch Foundation’s programme to reduce Kharkov’s stray dogs, an international expert on stray animal management conducted a three-day course at the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter to train dog catchers humane capture techniques that are in line with World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE) welfare standards.

Brian Faulkner observed the dog catchers normal working routine from point of capture to putting the dogs into shelter enclosures to identify shortcomings in their techniques and procedures. On this basis, he provided comprehensive training on:

·         Dog behaviour and body language
·         Safe and humane handling of dogs
·         Dog catching methodology in line with current OiE recommendations
·         Safe and humane use of equipment
·         Loading and unloading dogs into vehicles
·         Zoonotic diseases

After this, Mr Faulker observed the catchers using their newly-learned catching techniques to catch stray dogs on the streets and advised them where necessary.

At end the course both parties were pleased by the outcome of the training and the progress made.