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Postponed again - Vote on the Breeding of Dogs Regulations in Wales

We are extremely disappointed to learn that the planned Welsh Assembly debate on the new Breeding of Dogs Regulation was postponed yet again.  Due to take place on 15 July, it has now been rescheduled for September though no specific date has been announced as yet.

Following years of delays, the Welsh government continues to fail in its commitment to improve the welfare of its thousands of breeding dogs and their puppies. 

This gives us time to continue our lobbying and apply more pressure.  Calling our wonderful supporters in Wales- please contact your Assembly Member and ask them to vote YES for the new Breeding of Dogs Regulations in September.

C.A.R.I.A.D., a highly active animal charity based in Wales that we joined forces with last year, are doing a fantastic job of lobbying the Welsh Government and Assembly Members.  Now we’re calling on you to join them, we have more power in numbers.


Please write to your AM today! Stress to them the importance of voting YES to the proposed regulations, and how there can be no more delays. 

Click here to download a sample letter or you can compose your own letter if you prefer.  It will only take a few minutes.

Contact details for your own Assembly Members may be found at the following link