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UK vets at the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter

In June, two UK vets spent one week at the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter training Ukrainian vets up-to-date spay and neuter techniques as part of the Kharkov municipal programme to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce stray dog numbers.

To encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs, Naturewatch Foundation and the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter funded 50 spay/neuter operations for pets animals.  By offering this service free of charge to pet owners every quarter, we aim to raise awareness about the benefits of spaying/neutering.

Jennie Rudd, Naturewatch Campaign Director, states: “Abandoned pet dogs and unwanted puppies are the primary source of the stray dog problem in Kharkov.  The stray dog population will remain constant unless dog owners prevent their dogs from roaming and breeding freely.”

Following the training conducted by the UK vets, the Ukrainian vets at the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter are now skilled in flank spaying, using minimal incisions, which is less invasive.

The vets will continue to use these techniques, as the Kharkov Municipal Animal Shelter offers highly-subsidised spaying/neutering to owners, in addition to the quarterly free service with the UK vets.